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Standard Pallet Wrapping X1 Mesin Packaging Stretch Wrapping Pengemas

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08 / 11 / 2022
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1 Unit


Rp. 99.755.000
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Detail Standard Pallet Wrapping X1 Mesin Packaging Stretch Wrapping Pengemas

Mesin Wrapping

Power : 750 watt
Column Height : 2650 mm
Max Wrapping Height & Weight : 2400 mm / 2000 Kg
Turntable Size : 1650 mm
Maximum wrapping speed : 15-25 loads/hour
Turntable Speed : 0-13 RPM(Adjustable)
Turntable Drive : 0.75 PH Wheel Drive
Standard Pre-Stretch : 300% pre-stretch
Standard Film Width : 500 mm
Film Capacity : 250 mm Diameter
Machine Size : L:2800 mm W:1800 mm H:2650 mm
Machine Weight : 800 KG

Spare Part Brand
Photoeletric sensor : SICK(Germany)
PLC : SIEMENS(Germany)
Travel Switch : OMRON(Japan)
Relay : OMRON(Japan)
Touch screen : SIEMENS 7inch
Position switch : OMRON(Japan)

Standard Pallet Wrapper X1
Production Application
1. X1 pallet wrapping machine use LLDPE stretch film as the main packing material to wrap the bulk cargos stacked on the pallet
2. Film provides extra support during transportation and storage to protect them from dust, moisture or damage
3. Smart Wasp X1 pallet wrapping machine has been widely used in industries such as glassware, tools, electric & electronic, paper,
pottery, food & beverage, et.

1. High efficiency and low electricity-consumption, convenient in operation.
2. The wrapping type and times can be designed on customers’ requirements.
3. Photoelectric sensor test pallet height automatic
4. Auto reset of turntable
5. Pre-stretch ratio: 300%
6. Programmable control and frequency converter is available.
7.PLC control, manual optional. Wrap cycle (top, bottom, reinforcement) adjustment.
Variable lift speed/ film tension control. Film up/down controls.
8. Pre-stretch pallet wrapping machine soft start and soft stop.
9. Suitable for heavy pallet
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